For Entrepreneurs

Discovery Capital is currently not accepting new business plans or considering new investments, is not reviewing new opportunities, nor providing feedback or comments to entrepreneurs or others seeking venture capital investment.  This investment status may change in the future.

Where We Invest, and What Ventures We Look For

We raised capital under the Small Business Venture Capital Act of British Columbia.  Our investors received an Investment Tax Credit from the Government of British Columbia, and consequently we are obligated to invest in ventures (eligible small businesses) that are domiciled in BC exclusively.

We also invest exclusively in growth-stage technology ventures, specializing in;  information technology, mobile applications, life sciences, and cleantech sectors.

We are most interested in promising, energetic companies that have developed their first technology product to at least the commercialization stage, preferably have referenceable early-adopter users, have their first revenue-paying customers, and are on a fast growth trajectory guided by a visionary management team.

Eligibility for Investment

We must invest in “eligible small businesses” meeting the following four requirements:

  1. A business must be incorporated in B.C.; incorporated extra-provincially in B.C; or incorporated federally.
  2. The business, together with affiliates, must have less than 100 employees at the time of our initial investment. We may make additional investments if the employment level grows beyond 100.
  3. The business must pay at least 75% of its wages and salaries to B.C. employees.  This may be reduced to 50% if the business is engaged in the export of goods or services outside B. C.
  4. The business must be “substantially engaged” in one or more of the prescribed business activities outlined in section 11(1) of the Small Business Venture Capital Regulation (the “Regulations”).

It Starts with your Business Plan

A business plan is a sales document. It must convince us that the venture has the potential to be successful, so enthusiasm, dedication and confidence in the business should be evident.  A business plan should assume we are not familiar with the business, and should focus on all aspects of the business, the investment required, and liquidity considerations for investors – NOT just describe a technology.  The plan should reflect current reality, market considerations, present and future goals, and significant milestones.

The Canada Business Network website is a good resource for preparing a Business Plan.

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