How many funds does Discovery Capital currently manage, and is it planning on any new funds?

The only active venture capital fund that Discovery Capital manages is B.C. Discovery Fund (VCC) Inc., which was launched in December 2002 and ceased raising new capital in March, 2015.  There are no plans at this time to manage any new funds.

Does Discovery Capital provide corporate finance advisory services, or raise capital for companies not in the portfolio of the fund that it manages?

Discovery Capital does not offer fee-based advisory services, nor does it accept mandates to raise capital for companies that are not portfolio companies of its fund.

Would Discovery Capital accept a mandate to buy or sell a company?

Discovery Capital negotiates investment rounds for ventures that subsequently become portfolio companies of the fund that it manages.  For portfolio companies, Discovery Capital often facilitates follow-on financing rounds, public listings and offerings, as well as the reorganization, merger or sale of these companies.  Discovery Capital does not provide any of these services for non-portfolio companies.  

Does Discovery Capital manage institutional, family or private funds?

For over 20 years Discovery Capital has exclusively managed funds which have raised retail venture capital under the B.C. Small Business Venture Capital Act.  Discovery Capital does not manage other types of venture capital.

Does Discovery Capital offer employment or internship opportunities?

We are a venture capital boutique firm with a small professional and administrative team that has been working together for many years.  We do not foresee offering employment or internship opportunities.   

My company is domiciled outside of British Columbia and I understand that Discovery Capital does not invest outside of BC. Can you recommend venture investors that might be interested in my company?

For over 20 years Discovery Capital has invested exclusively in BC-based technology companies for the portfolios of funds it has managed.  We do not have experience with the investors in your jurisdiction, and are not familiar with securities regulations and other relevant aspects of investing in your area, including the local investor network.  We would not be comfortable referring investors to you. 

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